Why Attend?

So the churches were strengthened in the faith, and they increased in numbers daily.

Why should I think about attending Chorley Evangelical Free Church?

It is in Chorley, if you a local person it makes sense not to travel too far to church (even as a visitor this is a good reason to consider). Here you will meet other people with who live within the district of Chorley. Sharing the same surroundings as these people you will find we have a common understanding of where we live and what is affecting our everyday lives.

Because we are Evangelical, that means what we believe is central and everything else we do revolves around it. We believe that the essence of the Gospel (good news from God) consists of the truth of we can be saved only by God’s gift of grace through faith in Jesus Christ’s atonement. As an Evangelical church we believe that individual’s become aware of their salvation through personal experience of receiving assurance from God. This we receive through the authority of the Bible as God’s revelation to humanity. With such a wonderful message and personal knowledge of God it is natural that we desire to proclaim this message to everyone.

The Word

It is Free, yes there is no charge for entry, but that is not why we use the term. Many people will say what right has the Church to tell me what to believe and we agree. We believe that only God has the right to make such demands upon us. Therefore as a Free Church we believe that God only has the authority over us. Although we do fellowship with other like minded churches around the country, we are governed by God through the leaders he provides and Christians in membership meetings.

We are a Church, a gathering of people who meet to know more about God and his salvation. This is reflected in our gatherings, when people of differing backgrounds, nationalities and statuses are brought together because of common awareness of or desire for a real relationship with God. Whenever we gather together it reflects and reminds us of how we belong eternally to the Church of God throughout the world and in heaven.

We hope we will see you soon and Chorley Evangelical Free Church. But if not we do pray that God will lead you to another Bible believing church, where you can know you are part of the Church of God.