Prayer Meeting & Bible Study

But we will devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word.

About Prayer Meeting

Prayer is important in the life of the Church as we recognise it is a privilege to corporately pray together. Prayer is simply talking to God, this may be verbally or silently from within ourselves. Prayer gives us the opportunity to use our own words to praise God and also we pray about matters which concern us as individuals or as a church.

We meet each Wednesday at 6.30pm at the church which is followed by bible study except for the last full week of the month.

Prayer Meeting
Bible Study

About Bible Study

Bible study is  different to a message that you may here on a Sunday in that it may handle a smaller section of subject of the Bible. Also it may be an interactive study which will give opportunity for question or other interaction between the chairman and those who are gathered.

The last week of the month at the church we hold a separate bible study for men on a Wednesday and for women it is held on Friday for those who may find that a separate meeting is beneficial.