For Christians Sunday is a special day for us. It was on a Sunday that Jesus rose from the dead showing how he had defeated death for us. Being the first day of the week it marks a new beginning which is what God has given us through Jesus Christ. As a body of believers we meet to look forward to a certain future through Jesus Christ.

Sunday 10.30am

In the morning hold what we call a family service. The service is inclusive of all ages with a talk for the children and message to the adults and teenagers. During the second part of the service the children can chose to go to Sunday School classes and for tiny tots there is a crèche provided if necessary.

Church Interior

Sunday 6.30pm

The evening service is best described as a tradition church service. The congregation tends to be adults and teenagers but children are welcome. We follow a simple pattern which includes some singing, prayers, reading and a message from the Bible.

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