The government have announced, as of 4th July 2020, Church services will be able to take place again. We are therefore able to hold a limited number of services in our building. These are the Sunday 10:30am Morning service and Wednesday 8:00pm Bible Study and Prayer meeting.
All services will continue to be streamed on YouTube including Sunday 6:30pm.

Those attending the Church building will find COVID-19 secure restrictions in place in line with the government guidance.
These include the following and will supervised by the Stewards: –

  • Registration (full name and contact details) of everyone attending will be taken on entry and kept securely after services. This is in case of an outbreak of the virus for track and trace purposes. All details will be held for 21 days in line with Governments instruction.
  • Everyone will enter the building by the front entrance if physically able and leave by the rear exit (which is our entrance for those who are not able to physically enter the front door).
  • Maintain two meter spacing between people entering, seated within and leaving the Church building. There will be marks on the ground to aid you with this. Seating is already spaced, allowing households to sit together.
  • Use the hand sanitiser when entering and leaving the building.
    There will be no singing or verbal acts of congregational worship during services.
  • No Bibles or hymn books will be provided; all written text will be projected onto a screen. Feel free to bring your own Bible and hymn book.
  • Toilets will operate on a one-in-one-out policy, including use of the corridor area. Cleaning materials will be available to use following use of the facilities.

Unfortunately we do not have sufficient space for separate children’s activities, but children are welcome to remain with the congregation or parents can listen from adjoining rooms with their own children if they desire.

We appreciate these rules/restrictions may read harshly and some might feel it’s a bit over the top. But these guidelines are not only for our sake. They are also for our neighbour’s safety. We don’t want to bring Jesus into disrepute by failing to be good citizens submitting to the authorities nor, worse, ignoring their advice and causing a Covid-19 outbreak.

Thank you for your anticipated compliance with these secure restrictions while attending Chorley Evangelical Free Church.

To access a copy of our risk assessment, click the download link below:

Covid-19 Risk Assessment