About Us

The Church first started to meet together in the 1930's when several local people came to know Jesus Christ as Saviour. They began to meet in an old Dance Hall before buying their first church building on Moor Road. Over the years the church has made several moves until we came to our present site in St. Georges Street. Our present building was opened in 1981.

We are a group of ordinary people from all walks of life and a wide range of racial and cultural backgrounds who share a common faith in Jesus Christ.

Front of Church

Our Aim is to show others in our community how God has changed our lives for the better and to help others to find the peace that we have with God through Jesus Christ.

We also believe that the good news of the Bible is so important that people across the world should have the opportunity to hear it. For this reason we give financial support to missionaries working in the UK and overseas.

For those attending who have special needs we do have a loop system fitted in our main meeting area and wheelchair access. For those with visual impairment if we have prior notice we can make brail copies of hymns and Bible readings available.

    Wheelchair Access     Hearing Aid